Hi, I'm Bob the Fixer!

Many may wonder why this name?! But like many of my customers, I think you'll agree, this unique name gets the attention it deserves!

Whether you're an on-the-go mom who needs that "hole in the wall" fixed, a husband who promised to finish the basement for your wife, or a business owner looking to renovate, when you see that Bob the Fixer name you automatically think to write my number down and call to get the job done!

And with 10+ years experience you can be sure it'll get done right with Bob!

My mission is helping you make your home or business look and feel great. Most people spend the majority of their time in their home or work place and I understand how frustrating it is when something feels incomplete.

I have a solid background in a variety of construction techniques and I have done many jobs, both residential and commercial, with all stages of framing, drywall, taping and painting.

I take pride in the work I perform, which is reflected in the care and detail found in the jobs at hand.

You'll find that I treat this work like I'm working on my own home. I understand the importance of getting things done right the first time and make sure every project is done to your satisfaction.

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